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The Archive and the Henry County Genealogical Society have the following books for sale. ALL have plastic spiral bindings with laminated covers unless otherwise indicated. The cost for unbound books is the same as with laminated covers. All prices include shipping and handling. Make checks payable to the archive and mail your order to the address below. Purchase orders accepted from libraries or other institutions.

State of Tennessee
Henry County Archive
55 Jones Bend Road Ext.
Paris, Tennessee 38242
(731) 642-8655 Ext. 109

Green, Clayton and Related Families of Western Tennessee and Kentucky

Includes allied lines: Morton, Willoughby, Hutchens & Barnett-Hadden. Comprehensive documentation; Index with 1,800+ names, 300 pgs. $40. Released in 2010.

Crime & Punishment in Henry County, Tennessee, 1876-1883, Vol. 1

Seventeen true stories, a cross-section of misdemeanors and felonies committed in the county running the gamut from disturbing a public worship to murder. In every case there are stories worth telling; some funny, sad, even heinous. 339 pgs, indexed. $30. Released in 2010.

West Tennessee/West Kentucky Ancestry Charts

Four-generation charts and family pictures submitted by individuals with ties to Western Tennessee or Western Kentucky. Vol. 3 in production. If you would like to contribute information for this project, contact Linda Dunlap at or 731-593-5592. Softbound, $38; Hardbound $49 Released in 2009.

Every Name Index to Henry County Wills & Administrations, Volumes, A-H, 1822-1866, 7,877 names, 67 pgs. $20.

Every Name Index to Henry County Wills & Administrations, Volumes, A-H & 1, 1822-1902, 12,060 names, 107 pgs. $30.

In addition to naming the testator, both of these volumes include anyone with the same surname, guardians, executors, administrators and witnesses to the documents. Many, with a different surname are included because their relationship to the testator is indicated such as grandchildren and/or married daughters. A "must" when trying to determine if your ancestor is included in local wills. Released in 2008.

Every Name Index to Henry County Circuit Court Records, 1818-1849, 14,561 names, 132 pgs. $25.

In addition to the litigants, all names relevant to the documents are included. Many of the names appearing in this index are not otherwise documented until the 1850 census. A great source to determine if your ancestor was in the county prior to 1850. Released in 2008.

Every Name Index to Henry County Estate Records, 1821-1899, 14,674 names, 131 pgs. $25.

The original records, found at the archive, contain the follow-up litigation regarding wills, disputes over inheritance and other genealogical information. Released in 2007.

Every Name Index to Trustees, Administrators, Executors and Guardians, (AEG's), 1839-1902, 6,379 names, ll4 pgs, $25.

Guardianship reports from trustees, administrators and executors of wills. Also a good source for intestate records. Released in 2007.

Compilation of Henry County, Tennessee Vital Records, 2nd Edition, 1758-2006.

This two-volume set is an alpha-index to individuals buried in Henry County listing names, births, deaths, marriages, family relationships, the cemetery where buried and GPS directions to the location. Includes a reverse-index to female surnames. Other sources of information were used in the compilation such as many marriages (1838-1920) and funeral home records. (1901-2006) More than 400 cemeteries were walked to gather the information. 59,367 names, 1327 pgs. (Softbound) $100, (hardbound) $125 (There is a limited supply of hardbound editions.) Released in 2006.

Addendum to the Compilation of Henry County, Tennessee Vital Records, 1st Edition, 1764-2002.

This is a companion book to the 1st Edition. It updates those volumes and includes new information from small cemeteries with fewer than ten graves that was not available when the 1st Edition was completed. Contains 11,799 names, 335 pgs. (Softbound) $25, (hardbound) $35. Released in 2006.

Murder in Henry County.

Actual court cases from the 1820's-1960. Vol. 1, 205 pgs; Vol. 2, 172 pgs; Vol. 3, 100 pgs. $20 each. Released in 2006.

Interesting Court Cases of Henry County.

Taken from records at the Archives. Vol. 1, 142 pgs; Vol. 2, 131 pgs. $20 each. Released in 2008.

Civil War Collection.

Each Volume contains stories of Henry County soldiers and/or related events during the war. Vol. 1, 115 pgs; Vol. 2, 113 pgs; Vol. 3, 87 pgs; Vol. 4; Vol. 5; Vol. 6; Vol. 7; Vol. 8; Vol. 9 $20 each. Released in 2007-2009.

1944 Presidential Election Military Absentee Voter's List from Henry County, Tennessee.

This was the November, 1944 election; a time unlike any other in our history. Roosevelt would be elected to an unprecedented fourth term and die within five months of his election. Germany surrendered the following May, 1945 and Japan that August, officially ending the war. Some of those who signed the cards never returned from the war. These are copies of the actual military voter's cards signed by the soldiers, naming their residence and oftentimes, other family members. A great historical record of our county nearing the end of World War II. Vol.1, A-K, 188 pgs; Vol. 2, L-Z, 196 pgs. $20 each. Released in 2007.

"Old 23rd District"

Genealogical and historical sketches of the people who settled the 23rd District including the northern districts of Benton County and the Lick Creek Community before the flooding by TVA, 103 pgs. $15.

Pictures from the "Old 23rd"

Most of this district no longer exists having been inundated when TVA created Kentucky Lake in the 1940's. This is a wonderful collection of pictures of early families who lived there including pictures of many local sites no longer in existence. Includes an index of families. 236 pgs, $30. Released in 2007.

Old Homes of Henry County, ca 1820-1900.

Vol. 1, 218 pgs; Vol. 2, 224 pgs. $25 each.

Henry County Men of Distinction.

Vol. 1, 209 pgs; Vol. 2, 235 pgs; Vol. 3, 188 pgs. $25 each.

Henry County Women of Distinction.

Vol.1, 218 pgs; Vol. 2, 224 pgs. $25 each.

Index to Ridgeway Funeral Home Records, 1946-2006.

9,261 names, 188 pgs. $25.

Index to McEvoy Funeral Home Records, 1901-2006.

A master index to the "McEvoy Funeral Home Records, 1901-2001" and includes an update of names through 2006. 17,236 names, 188 pgs. $25.

"Henry County Legacy."

A pictorial history of individuals and sites throughout the county; many no longer in existence. Hardbound, 98 pgs. $39.

Every Name Henry County, Tennessee Census Indices, 1850-1930.

Includes the page number on the original film where each name can be found. Individuals in another household are indicated with an asterisk*. (Oftentimes, when and/or Heritage Quest show that an individual is not on the Henry or Benton County Census, we have been able to find the image online by searching using these index page numbers.) 1850-1860, $16 each; 1870-1880, $18 each; 1900, $21; 1910-1930, $23 each.

Every Name Benton County, Tennessee Census Indices, 1900-1930.

Same as Henry County Census information given above. $16 each.

Tennessee Stories.

Includes stories of early Tennessee and its history. Hardbound, 168 pgs. $20.

"Tennessee Trailings"

A collection of historical Henry County articles from the Paris Post-Intelligencer Newspaper including much genealogical information. 119 pgs, $15.

Henry County Marriages & Divorces, 1816-1867.

Alpha-index includes a reverse index to female surnames. 1816-1852, 78 pg; 1853-1867, 96 pgs. $20 each.

Henry County Marriages, 1868-1971.

All volumes alpha-indexed and include a reverse index to female surnames. 1868-1880, 103 pgs
1881-1890, 96 pgs
1891-1900, 120 pgs
1901-1910, 92 pgs
1911-1920, 122 pgs
1921-1930, 107 pgs
1931-1940, 84 pgs
1941-1950, 41 pgs
1951-1971, 172 pgs
$20 each.

Henry County Newspaper Gleanings.

Includes Abstracts from local newspapers giving community and other genealogical news. Indexed. 1887-1893, 113 pgs; 1893-1903, 117 pgs. $15 each.

Henry County Slave Accounts.

Taken from records at the archives. Slave stories and related disputes found in court documents as well as owners lists of slave names. Vol. 1, 195 pgs; Vol. 2, 140 pgs; Vol. 3, 158 pgs. $20 each.

Henry County Black Funeral Home Records, 1912-2002.

Alpha-Index to all surviving funeral home records. Includes births, deaths, marriages, family relationships, cemeteries where buried and reverse-index to female surnames. Contains almost 6,000 entries. $25.

History of Henry County Black Families.

"A Newspaper Scrapbook" Vol. 1, 158 pgs; Vol. 2, 154 pgs; Vol. 3, 172 pgs. $20 each.

Pen Sketches of Henry County, Tennessee.

Historical sketches from the beginning of the county in 1821. Softbound, 87 pgs. $5.

Of special interest to libraries:

Paris Post-Intelligencer Obituaries, 1979-2009.

Actual obituaries and pictures from the local newspaper including dateline. Each book covers ONE year and is approximately 250-300 pages. Indexed, unbound. $25 each.

Master Indices to the Paris Post-Intelligencer Obituaries. 1980-1989; 1990-1999, 2000-2009 $15 each.

1891 Male Enumeration.

In 1890, the Tennessee General Assembly authorized a legislative reapportionment survey to be conducted independent of the 1890 Census. The result was titled: "Enumeration of Male Inhabitants of Twenty-one Years of Age and Upwards, Citizens of Tennessee, January, 1891" The archive has the following volumes for sale. This is an on-going project and future volumes will be made available as they are completed. Each is a facsimile of the original journal and many include race and ages of the individuals. Indexed. This is reliable, primary source data that fills a void created by the non-extant 1890 census. The following counties are now available.

Anderson, $22
Benton, $18
Blount, $29
Carroll, $57
Carter, $25
Cheatham, $17
Chester, $22
Clay, $14
Crockett, $28
Cumberland, $12
Decatur, $21
Dickson, $27
Dyer, $38
Fentress, $12
Gibson, $58
Greene, $44
Hancock, $18
Hawkins, $33
Haywood, $38
Henderson, $27
Henry, $42
Hickman, $29
Houston, $17
Humphreys, $23
Jackson, $23
Johnson, $15
Knox, $75
Lake, $10
Lauderdale, $3
Lawrence, $26
Lewis, $9
Loudon, $17
Macon, $22
Madison, $53
Morgan, $16
Obion, $47
Overton, $22
Pickett, $9
Putnam, $23
Roane, $33
Scott, $21
Sevier, $28
Shelby, $127
Smith, $28
Stewart, $23
Sullivan, $36
Tipton, $46
Trousdale, $14
Unicoi, $11
Washington, $31
Wayne, $21
Weakley, $42
Williamson, $44

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