Circuit Court & Probate Court (Estate) Records

Tennessee Court System Prior to 1870 - an explination of the Tennessee Court System

Circuit Court Records - FREE Lookups

These are the loose records of the Henry County Circuit Court. They include both Civil and Criminal cases.

Henry County Estate Settlements - FREE Lookups

These records were created when a person died with matters that still needed resolving by the courts. The primary purpose of the documents was to determine indebtedness or assets belonging to the estate; sell any unapportioned land and distribute the remaining proceeds among the heirs. Widow's dowers and homesteads were often established and guardians appointed for minor children. Litigation against the estate is often included. It is suggested that you check Circuit Court Records for possible additional documents.

Henry County Wills - FREE Lookups

In addition to naming the testator, both of these volumes include anyone with the same surname, guardians, executors, administrators and witnesses to the documents. Many, with a different surname are included because their relationship to the testator is indicated such as grandchildren and/or married daughters. A "must" when trying to determine if your ancestor is included in local wills.

Administrator, Executor & Guardian Settlements - FREE Lookups

Guardianship reports from trustees, administrators and executors of wills. Also a good source for intestate records.

Other Probate Records - FREE Lookups

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