Henry County Birth & Death Records

The Henry County Genealogy Library has various local birth and death records that vary according to the time period being researched.

Please send us a query with the specific person you are looking for; as well as all details that will help us identify this person in our records. We will search our related records.

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Alcorn County, Mississippi, Marriage Records 1939-1950

The Genealogy Library has received the microfilm rolls, Marriages in Alcorn County, Mississippi, 1939-1950. This film includes all available indices from the same time frame.

Corinth, Alcorn County, Mississippi is just across the Tennessee state line and during this time frame, which includes the war years, there was no waiting period to get married there as there was in Tennessee and elsewhere. Also females could legally marry at the age of fourteen. Many, not only West Tennesseans, took advantage of this “stepping over the line” to get married there. Continue reading “Alcorn County, Mississippi, Marriage Records 1939-1950”

Tennessee Death Certificates, State Wide 1908-1912 and 1914-1955

We have death certificates for the entire state of Tennessee on microfilm for the years 1908-1958. There are NO Death Certificates for the year 1913.

If you are interested in requesting copies of one or more Tennessee Death Certificates, we charge $5.00 for the first copy and $4.00 for each additional certificate requested. We are happy to confirm at NO CHARGE whether a certificate exists before you send any money. Send us a Query.

Green, Clayton and Related Families of Western Tennessee and Kentucky

Green, Clayton and Related Families of Western Tennessee and Kentucky

Includes allied lines: Morton, Willoughby, Hutchens & Barnett-Hadden. Comprehensive documentation; Index with 1,800+ names, 300 pgs. $40. Released in 2010.

West Tennessee/West Kentucky Ancestry Charts

Four-generation charts and family pictures submitted by individuals with ties to Western Tennessee and/or Western Kentucky. Softbound $38; Hardbound $49, 2009, Limited availability.

  • Vol. 1, 319 pages, 147 charts, 242 pictures, 1,854 names.
  • Vol. 2, 300 pages, 146 charts, 269 pictures, 2,090 names.

Henry County Circuit Court Records – Every Name Index

Every Name Index to Henry County Circuit Court Records, 1818-1849, 14,561 names, 132 pgs. $25.

In addition to the litigants, all names relevant to the documents are included. Many of the names appearing in this index are not otherwise documented until the 1850 census. A great source to determine if your ancestor was in the county prior to 1850. Released in 2008.

Henry County Wills & Administrations – Every Name Index

In addition to naming the testator, both of these volumes include anyone with the same surname, guardians, executors, administrators and witnesses to the documents. Many, with a different surname are included because their relationship to the testator is indicated such as grandchildren and/or married daughters. A “must” when trying to determine if your ancestor is included in local wills. Released in 2008.

Every Name Index to Henry County Wills & Administrations, Volumes, A-H, 1822-1866, 7,877 names, 67 pgs. $20.

Every Name Index to Henry County Wills & Administrations, Volumes, A-H & 1, 1822-1902, 12,060 names, 107 pgs. $30.

Trustees, Administrators, Executors and Guardians (AEG’s) – Every Name Index

Every Name Index to Trustees, Administrators, Executors and Guardians, (AEG’s), 1839-1902, 6,379 names, ll4 pgs, $25.

Guardianship reports from trustees, administrators and executors of wills. Also a good source for intestate records. Released in 2007.

Compilation of Henry County, Tennessee Vital Records

Compilation of Henry County, Tennessee Vital Records, 2nd Edition, 1758-2006.

This two-volume set is an alpha-index to individuals buried in Henry County listing names, births, deaths, marriages, family relationships, the cemetery where buried and GPS directions to the location. Includes a reverse-index to female surnames. Other sources of information were used in the compilation such as many marriages (1838-1920) and funeral home records. (1901-2006) More than 400 cemeteries were walked to gather the information. 59,367 names, 1327 pgs. (Softbound) $100, (hardbound) $125 (There is a limited supply of hardbound editions.) Released in 2006.

Addendum to the Compilation of Henry County, Tennessee Vital Records, 1st Edition, 1764-2002.

This is a companion book to the 1st Edition. It updates those volumes and includes new information from small cemeteries with fewer than ten graves that was not available when the 1st Edition was completed. Contains 11,799 names, 335 pgs. (Softbound) $25, (hardbound) $35. Released in 2006.