About Us

The Henry County Archive & Genealogy Library is located in Paris, Tennessee. It is comprised of the Henry County Archive (Old Henry County Public Records) and the Genealogy Room. Our work is done by many volunteers who graciously give their time and assistance. They are devoted to Henry County’s genealogical and historical research; and record preservation.

Henry County Archive

The Henry County Archive is the repository for Henry County’s “Old Records.” These records are no longer necessary for the day-to-day operation in the public offices of the courthouse where they were created. Many date to the beginning of the county in 1821 and are of great historical value. They are placed at the Archive for preservation and protection and made available to the public per state statute.

Genealogy Room

The Genealogy Room is located in across the hall from the Archive, inside the Weston Hall building; at the E.W. Grove Tower Campus. It is staffed and operated by County Archivist, Stephanie Tayloe along with volunteers, including many from the Henry County Genealogical Society.

Henry County Genealogical Society

The Henry County Genealogical Society is dedicated to the preservation and accessibility of the public to the historical records of Henry County, Tennessee and assisting genealogists in locating those records.