History of the Blood River Church of Christ, est. 1842

Blood River Church which has never experienced a division and did not cease meeting during the Civil War, has the distinction today of being the oldest continuously operating church in Henry or Calloway County. This is an attempt to tell much of its fascinating story. Includes genealogies, pictures, Index, 281 pgs, $30, 2012

Crime & Punishment in Henry County, Tennessee

A cross-section of misdemeanors and felonies committed in the county running the gamut from disturbing a public worship to murder. In every case there are stories worth telling: some funny, sad, even heinous. Softbound.

  • Vol. 1, 1876-1883, seventeen true stories. 348 pgs, indexed. $40, 2010.
  • Vol. 2, 1871-1885, nineteen true stories, 377 pgs, indexed, $43, 2011